Our Board
In ______________, the majority of qualified voters of Ray County approved a levy to collect a tax not to exceed five cents per hundred dollars of assessed valuation upon all taxable property within the county for the purpose of providing services to persons sixty years of age or older. The tax shall be collected along with other county taxes in the manner provided by law and shall be deposited in a special fund for the provision of services as authorized in sections 67.990 to 67.995 of House Bill 351. Deposits in the fund shall be expended only upon approval of the board of directors established in section 67.993 and only in accordance with the fund budget approved by the county. According to House Bill 351 and revised Statutes of Missouri; the Ray County Commission will appoint a seven member Senior Citizens’ Services Fund Board.

The governing body of the county shall appoint a board of directors. Directors may be reappointed. The governing body of the county shall appoint replacements. All vacancies on the board of directors shall be filled for the remainder of the unexpired term by the governing body of the county. 

Jennifer Gant: Chair
            Term expires: 07.25.2023
            Phone: 816.470.7395 (work)

Bob Littleton: Vice-Chair
            Term expires: 06.30.2023
            Phone: 660.398.4655 (home)

Joan Judd: Secretary
            Term expires: 06.30.2020
            Phone: 816.470.6467 (home)

Stacey Cox: Co-Financial Secretary
            Term expires: 06.30.2022
            Phone: 660.398.4642 (home)

Bruce Taylor: Member
            Term expires: 06.30.2022

Janis Kincaid: Member
            Term expires: 06.30.2021
            Phoen: 816.284.1859

Connie Oliphant: Member
            Term expires: 07.24.2021
            Phone: 816.589.4739 (cell)