The Ray County Senior Services Board
was created to provide programs
which will improve
the health, nutrition and quality of life
of persons who are sixty years of age or older.


Tri-County Mental Health Services opened in 1990 introducing an innovative behavioral health care model to the Northland. Our target population is persons with mental health and/or substance abuse problems who are unable to afford care. To provide affordable, quality mental health care, we link and refer consumers to services via a network of providers including individual mental health practitioners and community agencies.

Coordination of mental health resources maximizes the opportunity for individuals to access appropriate treatment.  TCMHS agency is recognized for quality services and is CARF accredited.  Our mission is to bring a full range of confidential, affordable and effective behavioral health services to residents of Clay, Platte and Ray counties. We currently provide intake assessment and crisis interventions on-site at the Ray County Public Health Center.

2010 Older Adult Health and Mental Wellness Programs partly funded by RCSSB:

  •  Expand access to appropriate mental health care for Ray county older adults and their caregivers, 60+ suffering from depression and other emotional or behavioral health problems.
  • Provide free community education sessions for older adults, caregivers and volunteers at various Ray County on-site locations such as senior centers, public health centers, senior housing facilities and churches to:
  1. heighten awareness of the importance of the relationship between physical and mental health as we age, 
  2. provide education regarding how untreated late life depression is highly correlated with an increased fall risk, worsening of other illnesses like diabetes, heart disease and arthritis and highly correlated with early nursing home placement.
  3. provide education for caregivers and family members on the importance of caring for one’s own mental health and depression prevention strategies. 
  4. screen and link older adults and caregivers with appropriate mental health and wellness care such as mental health assessments, outpatient counseling and outpatient psychiatry as well as link them to other helping agencies such as the Alzheimer’s Association and Grief Support Groups. 
  5. educate caregivers and healthcare providers on assessment and referral for older adult depression and treatment recommendations.
  6. enhance relationships with Ray County community partners where older persons seek services or reside such as churches, senior communities, senior centers and assisted living centers.   
  7. provide ongoing inter-agency collaboration and coordination on topics related to older adult mental health care.  

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